1973 Datsun 240z with 350 chevy motor.

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Namreg, thanks for those links, I should messily cut my wheel arches as if they let Clarkson do it himself!
Not sure these flares would work for you 5, doesn't it have faceted arches? What about these bodykits? http://www.thecartorialist.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/renault_5_turbo2_angle_front_2.jpg
maybe find a used one on some owners club forums?
Happy to read that :p Let's see how it comes out :D

About the car, that's a R5 Turbo, made for rallies entirely..... I think I'll make some pieces myself, or try to find different pieces and adjust them to my R5, tiny R5 :D

Thanks for searching anyway :thumbsup:


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OK I'm thinking about changing my wheels,

3 piece custom HRE 505 16" classic wheels 16x9 16x8 - HybridZ

These have the correct 4x114.3 bolt pattern the ad even says they are for a 240z, but the best bit is they are split rims, soI can get some other wheel parts from here.
HRE 505 16" Parts; Centers Lips Barrels - StanceWorks

Specifically the pair of 6" wide barrels.

Because they are 3 piece split rims, I can take apart the 16x8s from the first ad, throw away the 2" lip and replace it with the 6" barrels from the second ad. leaving me with some sweet 16x12s!

The remaining 16x9s I will use as is on the front.

The wheels will coast me $800 and the extra barrels $175, not sure what the maths are yet, I'll give back my $450 diamonds (can I do that?) which i think means I have a total spend of $6450 so far. Which leaves me with about $600 to buy some tires

(shame I can't sell the 8 wheels I got with the cars)


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rear wheels.

As I explained a couple of posts ago, this is is how I made my wheels super wide. I bought a set of HRE 505s. The rear wheels were 9" wide, made up of a 5.5" barrel and and 3'5" lip. I bought a second set of 5.5" barrels and swapped them for the 3.5" lip making an 11" wheel. because the barrels are always facing inwards they are not polished and look a bit rough.

To make the front wheels match, (which are made of a 6" barrel and a 2" lip) I will use the dicarded 3.5" lip from the rear wheels, and use it with the 6" barrel to make a 9.5" wide front wheel, I will flip the centerplate round so the barrels are on the outside to match the rear wheels.

I hope this makes sense! Maybe this picture will help




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Lots of texture work still to do. haven't even started on the interior...

Costing to date...

$1250 - v8 car
$1000 - donor car
$1600 - suspension
$795 - front racing brakes
$795 - rear disc brakes
$150 - arches
$800 - HRE 505 wheels, 2x 8" and 2x 9"
$175 - HRE 505 barrels 5.5"
$158.74 - 2x205/45/16s nexen tires
$172.70 - 2x225/45/16s nexen tires
$88 - mirrors
$75 - inspection hatches.
$33 - tow hook

TOTAL - $7092.44[/COLOR]


the in the top down pic, the vent holes in the front remind me of 70's corvette headlights for some reason lol.
the texturing looks great, wanna loan me your skillz for a couple days? lol


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The last pic of the back looks really good. But, your lighting needs to be adjusted for the wheels , because i can't see them in those renders really. Kinda sad since you did such a nice job with the rims and you can't see them.

If these are just test renders then nvm. As far as accuracy, i can't comment because i don't know the car :p

Top gear challenges need to have some comedy to them, i feel it would be in the true spirit of this competition :) This is where you can be really creative.


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Hey chris, they do look like corvette headlights! You are quite welcome to texture skills for a few days but I'm going to need all my back soon to get through this one. Going to see if my machine can handle an 8192x8192.

Helicase, thanks for you comments, these are just tests, but you are right about the wheels being lost.
As far as comedy goes, I guess I'm being heavily inspired by Bosozuko cars, which often look ridiculous, and could supply some laughs if I push it further. It's a fine line though, without the benefit of the witty banter between the presenters, im worried that any comedy i try could fall flat. Definitely something to think about though.
Just loving your whole car! Textures look top notch, model looks super sweet. I would give the world to have modeling/texturing skills like you! Just perfect!


first of all, awesome model. you´re even inspiring me to finish the model of the 240z i`ve sitting there on my harddrive for i don´t know how long :D

one issue you have going on though, is the a pillar. The width looks off and the way it blends into the hood looks also wrong to me.
check the attached ref pic.

anyways, i really like the modeling, the details, the style and the battered look.



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Thanks for the help with the a pillar, I always forget those bits, i think I fixed it now.I'm glad to see you dug up and are finishing your 240z, they are great cars.

Cheers Viffex! glad you like it!

I'm still trying to get the texture done, there is a lot of work to do... I'm working on the diffuse map now, from there I'll what other maps are needed, probably a reflection mask at the very least. Not a great deal of time left though...



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Love it!!! I was waiting for this one to show up :p The back picture is awesome, great details and the texture of the backlight glass is very, very nice. I see a lot of work in texturing, you've got some talent :D

Keep them coming!!!
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