1973 Datsun 240z with 350 chevy motor.

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Thanks folks for all your comments.
Olddog, that's exactly what I'm thinking, although I'm not going to spend anything on the engine, just use my free garage to transplant the engine and drive train from the v8 car into this new one. Most of my money has already gone on suspension and brake components. 400 hp V8, racing brakes and coil overs should see me round the track, and long as the car doesn't dissolve first! Probably got a bit left over for some odds and ends.
Can't say anything else than: 0.o

You are like a machine... I think you're cheating ^^ This isn't humanly possible (getting this level of awesomeness that is)

You should really create some sort of webseries on creating a car and sharing it with us! We all need to be as good as you. You are definetily one of my modelling heroes!


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I used


and then some ones from tamiya model kit instructions. You can't beat photo reference though.

Namreg, thanks for those links, I should messily cut my wheel arches as if they let Clarkson do it himself!
Not sure these flares would work for you 5, doesn't it have faceted arches? What about these bodykits? http://www.thecartorialist.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/renault_5_turbo2_angle_front_2.jpg
maybe find a used one on some owners club forums?

Heh, yes I'm not really very good at making nice meshes, not like some of the super neat ones I see round here.

There are much better modelers than me on here, as far as a miniseries, my gif is getting longer and longer all the time!

Thankyou sir, I am enjoying your audi build, great car!


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I just screen grabbed my view port in maya, and pasted into photoshop, then you can easily turn a layered file into animation frames, then export a gif in the 'export for web' file menu.


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What program did you use to render your gifs out? I've tried 3ds max, sony vegas and photoshop looking to render one out.
Just take screen captures anytime you make new lines or move some points, always from the same point of view (in Maya you can save your own bookmarks and come back to them anytime) then create a file in photoshop and put all of your screens in layers.
Open the ANIMATION window in the WINDOWS menu and create a new page (bottom right as in the LAYERS window) then start hiding or showing your layers in the order you want them to be seen, and create a new page in the ANIMATION window for each one of them..... Right clicking on each page would let you determine the length of each frame (if you set it in the first one, it will copy that info to the new ones you make, if not, I think you'll have to change it manually).

When happy with the result, go to SAVE TO WEB or something like that, choose GIF (and the quality you want) and save. :D I hope I made myself clear with this!!!

Sorry Nashwan :D I just want you to focus in finishing the "Z" :p
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