1972 Holden lj Torana GTR XU-1


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That looks great! One little thingy though. The edge that goes all the way from the headlight to taillight seems to disappear next to the wheel arch. That could also be just the angle.
I will be waiting for renders! :)
Thanks for watching guys.

Klobsters. Ive sharpened up the line a little as well as tweaking a few other things there.

Can now see the front headlight surounds a wrong.:( Also started on the rear end and floor.



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Lovely details Chris, only thing I can see is that I think the drive shaft is a bit thin. Other wise its great work.
There was a streetmachine issue ages ago that had a LJ hotrod, did you ever see it? Wish I could find what issue it was in. Would be really cool to hot rod your LJ :D
WOW,Great work.This brings back memories of sliding across the armour all covered back seat of my dads genuine XU1 when i was a kid.There is nothing like the sound of an angry six with the tripple stromys music bouncing of the tight mountain passes,pure ecstacy in my book.