BMW Dixi Roadster maybe?

Alex asked me to see if I could upload these "mystery" drawings for him. I took the liberty of melding them together but I'm not sure if they're squared up properly. It looks like it might be a roadster body for the BMW Dixi. I haven't checked any dimensions.

And his still didn't upload! I reduced the size and changed to GIF. Hmmmm?

Hah! Got it! I had to cut and paste and then flatten the image. It's still strange, tho.


ssexton said:
I bet Motorsport-Klassiker could tell us.
Sorry I can't really help you out, but I know for sure that it's NOT a Dixi. The wheelbase is totally different (here: 2540 mm). Dixi (3/15 PS (DA1-4)) has only 1905 mm! And the 1934 built 315 has a wheelbase of 2400 mm. We can forget any pre-war BMW here in my opinion, their wheelbases differ significantly. Besides, the coachwork looks significantly like 1937-1938 to me, a Dixi would be too old, I'd say. My choice:
1) It's a Wanderer (a shortened W25 or so, but that's not very likely). The grill shape would fit perfectly...
2) It's a Ford Eifel Roadster with new coachwork and shortened wheelbase...

Huh, as you see, I can only conclude from what it not is.
That's right. The grill makes us think it's a BMW. But Wanderer had almost the same shape - as far as I can judge from the top-view only. Still, trust the data listed on the print is all we can do - and at least it looks well and consciously done :(