1965 HOLDEN HD Ute


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Yet another quick model I created using only photos for reference.

This is my own actual car.
It's not yet finished - this is my concept.

For those here that are Australian - It had rust in the rear quarter chassis so it was cut out and a new chassis designed witha 4-link rear with Hilux diff, engine is a VK black 202 EFI running twin SC14 superchargers, HZ brakes and Camira power steering. Dunno about the colour yet. Either this or gunmetal grey....
I want to try and get this as accurate as possible..



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whoa - without blueprints I have discovered this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too wide. I narrowed the body and now looks heaps better.

Nearly time to design the chassis YAY!



and for a laugh, here's how much I have progressed since mid- 2012:

oh no2.jpg
Looks great! Only critic though is the tyres. They just look weird, probably cause of no detail to the sidewall or tread, but other than that, it looks good. :)