1964 Holden EH

awesome detail, really!

but one question just keeps going on in my mind...

forget the polycount, whats on your hour-counter for this baby? think it would take me like eternity or close to deliver this kinda details...


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Cheers Guys, make me want to work on it more......when I can :S

@Haz-R-Dus: Polycount atm is 3mil....I havent done any of the interior or motor yet :D

@Madmike: as you can see I started this thread late 2009, but have only worked on it when I've not been busy at work....I really dont know how long I have worked on it for....but my guess would be 100 hours or so
that's quite fast, from my noobie opinion... (or i am way too slow, witch is most likely)

and you can actually model your own things at work? can i apply for a job? haha!!!

just jealousy... nice work mate! keep it up!