1964 Holden EH


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Hey Guys, this has been one of my favourite cars ever, I had one for a little while, which I was going to do up, but I ran out of money (apprentice wages) and had to sell it. So heres my start so far, bit hard to model as I dont have any blueprint just ref pics, but I'll see how I go.



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"bit hard to model as I dont have any blueprint just ref pics, but I'll see how I go."

Hey isn't it the best way to model? (-: Unless of course you are talking about the top view...

Another great choice Prykie.

Let's see more Holdens folks! I think their design is far more creative than contemporary Vauxhalls.
that looks really good!! really nice choice of car, i can see why you like it so much:) i'll be following this one closely!! keep up the good work and updates updates!!! xD
Hey Prykie,

Looking awesome mate. A lot of progress in a short space of time.:)

The details in the tail lights is especially nice.

Whats the plan with this? Is gunna be original or a bit modified or go all out?

Looking forward to more.:)


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Hmmm I have a few plans for it, I'm gonna finish the sedan in the style I would have done up my own EH, nice and neat, set of rims, lowered but still look traditional. Once Ive finished the Sedan, i'm gonna make the wagon like Adam Lebrese's(see pic) and I might also make an EH Tbird like streetmachine drew up(see pic)


it really is looking hot!! nice to see some more work of you here. I love the 2 ideas, especially the cabrio!! can't wait to see some more of it