1964 Ac Cobra Daytona 289

So it's time to post my progress here. And it is the ac cobra daytona.

Worked on it for a few days now. It's going to be midpoly, with as much details as possible without watching the poly count. But will keep it reasonable :) The technique i use is the same as icekids. Here is the start. Cleaned up the most of it and now i can start with adding details!

C&C please!



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Yea ! I love this car. It's beautiful. About model, it looks nice, smooth and clear for now.
I want to see it finished ;)
some updates, Loads of things need fixing, cleaning up and other stuff, nevertheless an update!

Thanks for the comments:)

C&C please


thanks for the comments.

Just an update for the night. Started some on the interior and still adding details! Hope it all comes together well :)


here is a small update, and wires of it! still adding details and details and stuff and more stuff lol.

C&C is appreciated as always:)


sorry, no updates at this time. First of all i was on holidays,, relaxing in the nice weather overhere. But atm i'm very sick and not capable of working on it! i hope to have something in the near future! Thanks for all the nice comments