1960 Chevrolet Biscayne


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Plainjane Biscayne is part of the variations on the 60 Chevy theme, also to include a 2door sedan version (maybe Bel-Air).
I plan to model the dogdish hubcaps but must find decent references.

no words great as always..

What about making one of the cars as lowrider? I think it would look great with ur great rendering skills


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Holy Moly!
Lookin great.I love these plain janes,but you know that I guess;)
The hubcaps are,as far as I know identical wiht the 59 ones.
got refs?

I think it would look better if you'd eliminate the whitewalls and do stock blackwalls.At least for the Biscayne.
I did this hubcap for my (neverending) 59 project.I really got to finish that basturd but no time atm...

Oh and please do the next render in copper with white top please;)

edit:The Biscayne had no chrome molding around the taillight area!
And the centerpart of the rearbumper needs a little more work.It looks too flat IMO.


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LOST, Daniel - thanks guys!

4yBaK - will think of it after the series is completed. Shave and slam, lakepipes, maybe a restrained color scheme. :roll:

Rockhobbit99 - i totally agree!

Mr.So Much - who knows... i am so fond of those Chevys. The 4door Sport Sedan is a strong possibility. Dave Stromberger a.k.a. Nostalgic Dave is doing a superb job restoring one and although his 3d skills are unquestionable he has little time to devote to modeling, so i may create the bodystyle and hand it over to him to test rims and colors.

And thanks to brave Tol@te whose love for these machines is unmatched, here are the final renders. Ermine White on Suntan Copper as requested, dogdishes on -- but the whitewalls stay!


I know you're not taking requests, but I am going to put a little hypnotic suggestion in your mind..

*Keep your eyes on the moving watch....relax...relax...I want you now to think of a 1963 Ford 427 Galaxie...Imagine the polygons in your mind...*

*3-2-1, snaps fingers...wake up now*

Ahem, uh, yeah good looking Chev Palat...

Beautiful job!
I think I got a little tear in my eyes.
And its true:I love these simple plain cars for the low budget.Ok,back in the days low budget.
Today these cars reach prices...wow not funny.Especially with rare options.

Thanks for making the community and me so happy with your work!


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Red Spar - don't worry as this very car is on my wishlist. I amassed a good deal of references from EBay, including the T-Bird 427 logo closeup!
This car has been requested before -- and i will surely do it as a companion to the 66 Galaxie.

Tol@te, Nik and Tom - thanks again.

And here is the flattop:



Never heard of flattops, but OMG, they're really sexy ! Especially with that blue. And having white both on roof and tire sidewalls is really nice. Did all cars have white sidewalls ?

You still have some AA issue, on the chrome part at top of side windows.
damn that is sex on wheels! You just gotta love that blue color! Wonderful work as always! Indeed i'd like to know how long your work on a car. I keep trying to do it in a few weeks but it takes me months :p