1948 Ford super deluxe

A little update. The main parts of the body are ready, in fact there are only some decorative elements to do...

À âåäü îí ñîâñåì íå ïîõîæ íà Ïîáåäó...
Today I'll start working on 4-door sedan. I want to make a taxi version of this car, like on the photo below. I've already tried to do this trick with 2-door as you can see =)

Some russian scripters made a car_shoot mod, so it is plausible to use the mgun, but it will be not good if the gun shoots without a gunner. This script suits more serious cars, like APC'c and tanks, where you couldn't see that there are no man that shoots the gun =)
Really awesome work!
The car looks fantastic. I love the GTA 4 clip. I actually prefer the original wheels and tires to the more modern ones used in the GTA version, but it's all good!

Makes me anxious to finish my own models and get them in-game!
There are two versions of this car, The charged one and the stock one. I've done only standard version, and the guy who converted it, made a kind of hot-rod in addition =)
Can u reupload links to mafia models?? now are dead.
Btw. Great models and it will be nice if you do 1946 model from the BTTF a biffs black convertible :d