1930 Ford Model A Coupe HotRod

In your 2nd last post - there doesn't appear to be enough contrast on the rod to match the background. But man that is a cool hotrod. Love it!


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can you do a regular render without all the post stuff. I like doing post too, but it's hard to see the nice model with all the blur and bokeh effects in the way.
sorry i'm not interested in classical cars
so i missed your baby here

once i check your renders
i even can read the story from your renders
I can imagine an old owner how much he loves this car
and the time his wife sitting beside him on the joy ride
maybe his wife no longer gives him any company,(just like the movie UP which from disney)


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So, after a break with that baby I have some inspirations from a buddy. We spoke about old racecars and hot rod, right in the middle of this conversation I have the idea to create a fusion of an hot rod and a racecar.....that's it.
It's not final rendering, because i am very busy. Hope you still like it.