1929 Chevrolet Pick-up


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Thanks no_mad....    I've put this on the back burner for a while, as I get more into modelling items from scratch and learning more on modelling.
Here's an update to the point where I've stopped for a while.  I will come back to it and finish it up... The new rims are by HardKnox.


That looks great! You did a pretty good job on modeling the front and keeping the lines together from the original design. HardKnox did a great job on the Rims. Make sure to post some new pics of the Hot Rod, when you get around to finishing it.
those v8's make mine look cheap and crappy!!!!! very nice motors, love KMyers-MG motor! jul82's motor is an awsome start! well, i may play with this a little bit. here's my v8, not as accurate as those, but its going to be going ingame. my crank pulley is bigger than the cam pulley.


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skylinestreetracer said:
hmm looks liek u need to make ur oil pan slanted instead of boxy liek it, is, but culd u pleez post ur motor in .3Ds if i can use it?
i would like to tinker with the motor also if i could