1. M

    VW Scirocco

    Hi guys, hope you like! cc are always welcome! 3dsmax Vray After Effect
  2. SilencedAnger

    Car Paint Shader

    Hey guys, this is actually my first thread here on SMCars.net. So I recently started to work with the "VRayBlendMtl" in 3ds Max 2015 and VRay 3.0 and I really fell in love with it :D I wanted to create a new car paint shader and here is the result so far! You maybe have to zoom in a bit to get...
  3. bbbb5331

    lamborghini centenario

    modeling in 3dsmax render by Vray i hope that you like it
  4. 3Dmon

    Bmw 4 Series critique wanted

    Hey guys, this is a render I did some time ago in Maya and vray. I struggeled a bit on weird mask edges, which turned it hard to do proper compositing. I like it, but for sure there's waaaay room for visual improvements. Not about the model itself, just visualization wise. Lighting, Shading etc...
  5. bbbb5331

    on the roof

    NX 300h 3dsmax,Vray,Photoshop by Vahid Montazeri
  6. bbbb5331

    studio beetle

    modeling in 3dsmax rendering by Vray i hope that you like it!!!!!!
  7. Splicer

    Mercedes-Benz W123 230E/280E AMG/6.0 Widebody AMG

    Hey guys, now for something completely different - a classic Benz from the '80s. And it comes in many shapes and forms too! The stock 230E The AMG 280E And my vision of what a widebody, completely insane AMG version would have looked like, inspired heavily from the legendary 560SEC W126...
  8. Splicer

    Koenigsegg Regera

    Update: New renders posted on August 3rd, please scroll down to see them. Thank you Hey guys, long time lurker here. I started following these forums many, many years ago, and the projects I've seen here always motivated me to continue working and improve my modeling skills. I was glad to see...
  9. bbbb5331


    hi everybody, my name in Vahid Montazeri and I am 3d artist. I am crazy about car`s and this included 99% from my works. I model the chevy corvette stingray because I think this car is very very beautiful... and render the scene with Vray. I hope that you like it!
  10. HithluM

    AMG GT

    Hi, friends. I have new renders. Сar was modeled by my friend. Shading, lighting, vis and pp is mine. 3D Max, Vray, PS.
  11. bbbb5331

    Stingray at autumn

    modeling the car in 3dsmax... render and composite with vray i hope that you like it....
  12. J

    Ferrari f430

  13. bbbb5331


    Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 1964 3dsmax,vray,PS by Vahid Montazeri i hope that you like it...!!!!!
  14. HithluM

    M4 Road

    Another one render with this car. Сar was modeled by my friend. Shading, lighting, vis and pp is mine. 3D Max, Vray, PS.
  15. TroyWitte

    Mercedes AMG GT

    My latest render of the Mercedes AMG GT. The base model is from Humster3D which I've updated to be more product correct. The backing plate is from my new set soon to be released on Moofe and was taken on a hairpin corner halfway up Mt. Buffalo in High Country Victoria, Australia. Currently...
  16. pedroduarte

    Lamborghini Miura SV

    Maya Vray This is the Lamborghini Miura SV that I've been modeling for some time now, on and off, tweaking, having fun. This is the latest iteration. Modeling, lighting, shading, texturing, post Thanks for watching