1. R

    Bugatti Chiron

    Hello everyone. I am a student Vehicle artist in my final year of my degree. Below is a link to my latest project on Artstation as well as a couple of renders (there are more on Artstation). I would love some feedback on the project so that I can improve my work as much as possible in my final...
  2. M.R 3d

    Saipa Pride modeling

    Hello Guys! I have started to modeling the Saipa Pride(an Iranian car) I glad to see your comments:)
  3. B

    Bugatti veyron-second attempt

    I took into account everybody's input on my first try on a bugatti so here is my second iteration of the model! This time modeled piece by piece. I would love to hear your opinion!
  4. Ali Ismail

    Hard Surface Modeling Guidelines and Timelapses

    Hard surface modeling in polygons basics and timelapse recordings Download hard surface kitbash:
  5. bbbb5331

    lamborghini centenario

    modeling in 3dsmax render by Vray i hope that you like it
  6. bbbb5331

    studio beetle

    modeling in 3dsmax rendering by Vray i hope that you like it!!!!!!
  7. L

    Looking for 3D Car Modelers

    Automotive car company looking for 3D modelers and/or outsource companies for hard surface modeling production of mid-range poly count, photo-accurate, automotive vehicles. Must be capable of working remotely. Please contact Luis Alcala for more details: EMAIL:
  8. Souledge

    Bmw 1 series

    Hello car lovers, this is my first post here, the BMW 3 door 1 series MK1, one of my favourite cars,the modeling was done with Max and Blender, rendering with cycles, compositing also in Blender, hope you enjoy it
  9. bbbb5331


    hi everybody, my name in Vahid Montazeri and I am 3d artist. I am crazy about car`s and this included 99% from my works. I model the chevy corvette stingray because I think this car is very very beautiful... and render the scene with Vray. I hope that you like it!
  10. bbbb5331


    Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 1964 3dsmax,vray,PS by Vahid Montazeri i hope that you like it...!!!!!