1. Haunetal1990

    Ford Mustang GT4 (2016)

    source (page 127)
  2. Haunetal1990

    Mygale M14-F4 Ford (2014)

    source from the original manuals parts catalogue
  3. Haunetal1990

    Ford Fiesta WRC (2021)

  4. Haunetal1990

    Ford Fiesta Rally5 (2021)

  5. !NerVouS!

    Ford Fiesta MK3 (Stanced)

    Hi mates, next project started. It's a Ford Fiesta MK3 of my brother-in-law. The car was in the magazin "DRIVE" in germany in 2000. The model is done in Solidworks and rendered in Visualize. I started to model the interior too, but by today only the render of the outside of the car until the...
  6. Daz5150

    Ford Escort Mk. II HOONIGAN 1978

    Hey all,, my first post here! I've been part of this group for a while, however I've been yet to post and feel like it's time to start. I've just graduated from Teesside University in Computer Games Art, specialising in vehicles through-out my time there, Been doing vehicles seriously for about...
  7. BlackTechStudio

    Ford Mustang GT (2015) HD blueprint

    Ford mustang gt 2017 hd blueprint........and i have cropped all of them
  8. A

    '65 Mustang fastback

    Hi. I've been working on this on and off for a while. It's not my first car, but it's hopefully the first one i finish, so I'd love to get some critiques and comments. This is the latest render: The exterior is mostly done except the side windows, a few details on the front and the...
  9. Belifant

    Ford Fusion/Mondeo

    Hi All I was finally able to sign up to this great community and I would like to share with you some of the work I have done. All done in Modo with some post work in Photoshop and Lens Flare Studio. I hope you like it.
  10. chad3006

    Ford Custom Tudor (1957)

    Here's a 1957 Ford from my 3D model.
  11. nailgun


    Willys MB / Ford GPW at vineyards somewhere in the Europe... The assistant - Vadim Sadykov (model of wheels and tire covers) 3dsmax, v-ray, HDRi
  12. makit3d

    Ford Mustang (1965-66)

    I've not found a blueprint that is accurate for a classic Mustang yet. Some get close but terrible flaws screw it up or the lines typically fail to line up. I pulled this model from the Project Cars game and it is really quite accurate. Small flaws can be overcome easily with even basic research...