1. Lars Gehrt

    Audi RS4

    Latest model and render from me.
  2. L

    RS6 Avant 2014

    Hi everyone. Few weeks ago i decided to start with modelling of cars :) Before I was modelling architectural stuff. As a first car a choose Audi RS6 Avant 2014. because I fall in love to this car when I saw him for the first time. So here is some pictures from my work. Software 3Ds Max 2016...
  3. P

    AUDI 10-12 R8 Rear cover

    i search this part$_1.JPG in dwg or dwf or blueprint i can't find this in google
  4. Velstyde

    Audi TT RS

    So... I'm back. Really quick project here, done in 5 days (basically all the time I had free during holidays). Rendered in Blender Cycles and final touches in Gimp. Dedicated to a special someone who loves maps and Audis.
  5. angelhand

    Audi R8 v10 plus 2015

    Hi guys. I've started my second 3D car project. The first one was the Ford Shelby GT500 and it was a learning project for me as I do 3d modelling for a hobby nothing more. In this project I started with the spline cage which is the first time I do it and I found it interesting. Then I'm gonna...
  6. Pleomax

    Audi A4 2016