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  1. aga_glanza

    Ford Escort Mk. II HOONIGAN 1978

    GREAT work. love the specular on the windshield
  2. aga_glanza

    Supra A90 - Finished

    thanks man, i try to improve
  3. aga_glanza

    Ford CL9000

    i know this is an ancient thread but, great modelling!
  4. aga_glanza

    Supra A90 - Finished

    done! more renders to come
  5. aga_glanza

    Mazda RX7 FD3S

    very nice, i wont point out anything yet cause its a WIP. keep at it
  6. aga_glanza

    Used Rotor Disc

    thanks, very nice!
  7. aga_glanza

    Supra A90 - Finished

    3DS max, i ve written it in the post. current state, testing some materials
  8. aga_glanza

    Ferrari F40 - WIP

    dude that's insane? are you a prisoner somewhere?
  9. aga_glanza

    Supra A90 - Finished

    hello again after a lot of time. been working on this on my spare time which is very little, due to parenting. so here goes, all made in 3ds max. most of the objects you see are placeholders, the only "final" meshes are the blue bodywork and the tires
  10. aga_glanza

    Porsche 911 GT3 RS(991.1)

    great work. really great modelling. I don't wanna sound like an ass, but i think the renderings could use a bit better lighting.
  11. aga_glanza

    GTR Rocketbunny

    great, love that you're using a GTR to plow the field
  12. aga_glanza

    RPS13 Rocket Bunny

    Hello gentlemen. i'm back with whatever free time i have left with a baby in the family. New project, a 180sx rocket bunny :) . Cheers, will update soon.
  13. aga_glanza

    Veyron/Veyron Super sport

    very good for a first car, lord knows my first car model was way worse than that. Next time try to separate the parts of the car, don't try to make it out of single pieces of mesh.
  14. aga_glanza

    1997 Hyundai Tiburon/Coupe (1st generation)

    you've captured the huyndai's form really well. well done.
  15. aga_glanza

    Toyota 2JZ-GTE

    Here you go my friend
  16. aga_glanza

    Subaru BRZ (2012)

    thanks lynx, very nice blueprint!