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  1. schaefft

    My motivation WIP thread

    Model something from the 90s, from the states:eek:
  2. schaefft

    Real-Time Environment Route66

    Looking good so far, I hope to see an update soon!
  3. schaefft

    2014 Jaguar F-Type Very low poly.

    Awesome model and a nice amount of details for the polycount. Love seeing these models from you, would be nice to see some of them in NFS4. :)
  4. schaefft

    Freightliner Cascadia (2009) and Wabash Duraplate trailer

    Well, I just got reminded that I havent uploaded any blueprints of my Freightliner Cascadia yet that I modeled for the lowpoly truck contest. I also made a print of the trailer, Im sure someone can use that one, too. Its a Wabash Duraplate, not sure about the year but they all look the same to me.
  5. schaefft

    Chevrolet Silverado (1999)

    Wow, great prints. Even looks like theres no perspective in these images!
  6. schaefft

    Hyundai Coupe (1996)

    Well, just try to get as many reference pics as possible. Compare your model with the real car, the blueprints shouldnt be the only thing you use as reference. :)
  7. schaefft

    Chevrolet / GMC Suburban (1981)

    Cool, thanks. Lots of perspective but thanks for the share :)
  8. schaefft

    Chrysler ???? Patent Drawings (1999)

    Looks more like a Sebring Coupe Concept to me. Chrysler grill, the Avenger was from Dodge.
  9. schaefft

    Ford Taurus SHO (2010)

    Thats a good one, thanks :)
  10. schaefft

    Chevrolet Impala SS (2008)

    *just died* Photoblueprints are finally back? :D
  11. schaefft

    Ford Mustang GT Convertible (1994)

    My favorite Mustang. thanks :D
  12. schaefft

    Renault Kangoo BeBop (2009)

    Its so freaking ugly xD
  13. schaefft

    Seat Exeo (2009)

    Looks pretty nice, better than other Seats. Inspired by Audi A4, huh?^^
  14. schaefft

    Chrysler ???? Patent Drawings (1999)

    Looks like a normal 300m with some different grill. The real one was released as 1998 year model, so a 1999 Concept car would be kinda weird. Have never seen it tho.
  15. schaefft

    Volvo VN Semi Tractor (2000)

    Well, its a really cool looking truck, I like it. :D
  16. schaefft

    Italdesign Aztec (1987)

    Nice car, thank you :)
  17. schaefft

    Chevrolet SSR (2004)

    I could upload a blueprint of a 3d model I got from Test drive unlimited, all views, 100% matching.:)
  18. schaefft

    Mercedes-Benz A-Class (2007)

    Ugly as hell, the car I learned driving in.^^
  19. schaefft

    Audi A1 Sportback Concept (2008)

    I dont like that car. the design isnt bad, but its freaking small and a hatchback :/ Thanks for the donation tho.
  20. schaefft

    Mini Crossover Concept (2008)

    That grill looks sooooo bad. Atleast its bigger than the others :D