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    Lamborghini Huracan

    There's already one at with complete sides.
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    Lamborghini Huracan

    Here's a blueprint i created just sides and top.
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    Great work as always nasi, love the tyres too, is the sidewall bump mapped or modeled poly's?
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    Mercedes SLS AMG Brabus

    Finally, i've been waiting for this thread to update. Glad your back on this car. This thread inspired me to do my SLS black series. Hope to see more.
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    How many do lead the site?

    Yeah, a section for staff, how many are moderators, admins, etc. who's in charge of what?
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    SMCars Upgrade and Migration To XenForo

    I reported another spam, thing is, i can't see what i'm typing on the report box, is it just me or same with everyone?
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    SMCars Upgrade and Migration To XenForo

    I tried to report a spam thread, there's no moderator. Did the report got in?
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    How many do lead the site?

    @Oscar J: Me too, exidge seems to be less active now a days.
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    SMCars Upgrade and Migration To XenForo

    Also is the3d software preference going to be back? I know site is not 100% done, and on the gallery the old details 3d software, render engine and stuff?
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    Audi R8 Spyder

    I like the renders, unfortunately there's a whole in middle, light passes through, makes the car unrealistic and unfinished. You should have at least cover it with a plane or something or fix it with photoshop.
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    Making of McLaren MP4-12C

    Nice work on the splines, keep it up.
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    SMCars Upgrade and Migration To XenForo

    Site looks great, nice job guys. Just that i'll miss the old attachment system and how it displays, but this will work.
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    WIP La Ferrari

    Thanks guys, a little lazy to model the interior, here's some renders again with keyshot.
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    Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series

    Studio render of my SLS black series
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    Ferrari F-12 Berlinetta

    Another render of my F12, this time using keyshot. Bckplate from SMC#4.
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    Nissan Skyline Vspec

    This is a scan of my tamiya model blueprint Nissan Skyling GTR Vspec.