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  1. pwt231

    Mazda 1000 Sedan (1971)

    aka Kia Brisa...
  2. pwt231

    Mazda 626 CB2 (1979)

    First generation of 626
  3. pwt231

    Leyland Princess 1800 HL (1977)

    Nice car, it's a pitty that was not very popular.
  4. pwt231

    Steyr 1491 and 19 S 36

    Enjoy this genuine Austrian truck... This time I have ziped the stuff, this is a better idea IMHO :) Regards, Piotr
  5. pwt231

    Seat 133

  6. pwt231

    Fiat Ritmo

    Hello everybody, hello AlexK, Digging in my attic since monday I have finally found, what you need :D These drawings were published in Polish magazine for model makers "Modelarz" in February 1983. Happy modelling! Regards, Piotr
  7. pwt231

    Mazda RX-7 SA22C Savanna

    Mazda RX-7 SA22C Savanna