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    Hyundai Coupe Typ GK (2006)

    congrats to all these contributions!
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    Renault Clio RS 200 (2010)

    Thank you for your contributions but maybe this should be split because its a road car thread.
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    BMW M3 DTM E92 (2012)

    Could you please tell me how to access instruction manuals on this site?
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    BMW G82 M4

    do you mostly rely on blueprints and looking at photos, or do you use stuff like cameramatch, perspective matching or Imagemodeler too?
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    BMW G82 M4

    looks amazing!
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    Alfa Romeo Alfasud Phase 3

    I was just wondering does there exist phase 3 1980-1984 version of Alfasud? I found only top and side views on the-blueprints site but I wonder if there are other views. But I can say that already available -1980 Alfasud BPs are amazing base.
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    Thank you so much for bringing this forum back!

    Thank you so much for bringing this forum back!
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    Lola T220 (1970)

    I found some very interesting blueprints, with more lines that makes modelling easier almost like site. Thank you for an idea, even if it mostly newer cars.
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    Lola T220 (1970)

    Does there exist an archive for patent drawings? Besides this site?
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    And BTW is ImageModeler still available to get/buy? Its like it doesnt exist anywhere
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    Thank you for answer. I think that cameramatch can be most flexible by creating guide points at recognisable spots and then drawing the cage, using the matched photos as references. But unlike ImageModeler, Cameramatch requires at least dimensions and at least more orthognal photos. I wonder if...
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    Jaguar XK X100/Aston Martin DB7

    I managed to find AR1 in 2003 owners manual. I wonder, out of workshop, owners, repair manuals, which ones usually have at least 3 views? I know that brochures can have them, but in all the brochures I looked, DB7 doesnt have any, and XK blueprints are warped.
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    Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport (1967)

    I might be a bit nitpicky, but arent blueprints like this illegal?
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    Making mclaren elva

    There is also good old perspective match and cameramatch utility.
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    Is it dangerous to click those links?

    Is it dangerous to click those links?
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    Request: Mclaren 765LT 2020 its also on this site. Is it allowed to share links to BPs from sites like this?
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    Request: Mclaren 765LT 2020 There is this so far
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    making pinnifarina battista {PFzero}

    Have you ever tried NURBS/spline modelling? Camera/perspective matching?
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    Modelling discord polycount 3ds max
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    Modelling discord

    I wonder if 3d car and general discords exist, besides polycount. I searched and I found lots of specific ones like blender or 3ds max.