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    Mercedes-Benz Miesen Ambulance (1957) side view

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    Chevrolet Flower Car National(1951) photo side view

    I wonder if the one pictured in the ad was the only one built... :)
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    GMC 4500 Crew Cab with Platform Body

    Platform body for towing trailers. Brochure has two very nice dimensional drawings of rigs similar to the one in the photo.
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    Chevrolet Pick-Up Truck Camper with Chevrolet (1979)

    From an article in Mechanix Illustrated magazine (May 1979), for building a "slide-in" camper for a pick-up truck. Chevrolet depicted may or may not be accurate. :)
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    American-LaFrance Fire Truck Bodies (1970s)

    Scanned from American Volunteer Fire Trucks by Donald F. Wood & Wayne Sorensen