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    Chevrolet rescue/towtruk 1964

    I realize that this is an old thread, but that's no Chevy or GMC. The general cab and hood shape is more like a '56 Dodge, but then again they didn't have quad headlights, let alone canted quads.
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    Mercedes-Benz Miesen Ambulance (1957) side view

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    Chevrolet Flower Car National(1951) photo side view

    I wonder if the one pictured in the ad was the only one built... :)
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    Chrysler PT Cruiser Coupe Concept Patent Drawings (2002)

    In short, the PT Cruiser developed from the Pronto. I like the Pronto coupe design better than the Pronto sedan concept that preceded it. That one lacked the "retro" styling cues that the coupe and PT's have. A more recent concept gave the PT a strange fastback roofline that I'm not...
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    Chrysler PT Cruiser Coupe Concept Patent Drawings (2002) a two-door sedan bodystyle. Interesting.
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    Volkswagen Transporter T3 (1979)

    ...just needs a bottom view. :grin:
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    Chrysler Voyager (1992)

    I have some brochure drawings myself I was going to post one of these days, including the earlier ones.
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    ZIS 112 Coupe (1952)

    Actually, more like GM's 1951 "LeSabre" concept car.
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    ZIS 112 Coupe (1952)

    Cool. I've seen pictures of this car, but not these illustrations.
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    GMC 4500 Crew Cab with Platform Body

    Platform body for towing trailers. Brochure has two very nice dimensional drawings of rigs similar to the one in the photo.
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    Chevrolet Pick-Up Truck Camper with Chevrolet (1979)

    From an article in Mechanix Illustrated magazine (May 1979), for building a "slide-in" camper for a pick-up truck. Chevrolet depicted may or may not be accurate. :)
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    American-LaFrance Fire Truck Bodies (1970s)

    Scanned from American Volunteer Fire Trucks by Donald F. Wood & Wayne Sorensen
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    ZIS 101 (1936)

    At this point it appears I have found more drawings for the ZIS cars than Packards. :-D I think the chassis are nearly identical...just dimensions may vary by a few mm either way. There are hearse and ambulance brochures (Henney body,Packard chassis) from this period that may be of some help...
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    ZIS 101 (1936)

    From what I've gathered through reading and observation of photos, there really isn't much other than a strong resemblance between the ZIS-110s and Packards. Although the mechanicals bear a strong Packard resemblance, no parts will interchange. The Packard Club has discussed this at some...
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    ZIS 101 (1936)

    I have come across that wikipedia article, and I wonder what they mean by "inspired". :-)
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    ZIS 101 (1936)

    Definitely not a Packard. I'm not sure it's neccessarily a direct copy of any particular make. Here's another illustration, with a different year's grille.
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    Buick (1957)

    It seems to me brochure illustrations (particularly of '50s American cars) drawn to correct proportions are not very common. If anything, this type of illustration exaggerated vehicle size. Even photographs from this time can be similarly distorted.
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    Opel Blitz (1955)

    Go to 1937 - 1960 Chevy Specifications & Restoration Info for dimensions and drawings of Chevy trucks to compare against the Opel drawings. To me the grille and fenders look different between the Chevy and Opel trucks.
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    Imperial (1961)

    OIC, I have been going through the Imperial site, but hadn't come across those yet. They are nice drawings.