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  1. Duron

    DURON BMW M6 F13

    @tdd hehe, thanks :) Thank you Tshikhudo, appreciate. I've set the mood of the upcoming renders ->
  2. Duron

    TVR Sagaris

    I'm also a fan of TVR, especially this one. Looking forward to this. Keep it up.
  3. Duron

    DURON BMW M6 F13

    Hey guys, just modelled new rims last weekend. It's the BMW 601M style rims from the competition package. Also a teaser for upcoming render(s!). I'm working on a bunch of shots this time. Kind a last set of pictures which will show the final result of the project with close ups and so on...
  4. Duron

    3Ds Max 2013 Viewport AA

    It is always a driver problem. Try different drivers. Which GPU are you using?
  5. Duron

    HELP! Need spline cage tutorial

    Well it's not really easier but it has much more advantages. You won't need any tutorials because it's really easy to understand the workflow. 1.A Just find your blueprints and place them into your scene. or 1.B Find reference pictures of the car with exif data or shoot some yourself to get...
  6. Duron


    Is it deliberately, that the windshield wipers are for RHD? Engine looks good, though!
  7. Duron

    Making of McLaren MP4-12C

    The hood and the front end has still some bumps.The flow is still looking wavy. But the improvement to the first attempt is clearly seeable. Keep going :)
  8. Duron

    SMCars Upgrade and Migration To XenForo

    At least i would go for the same size like the avatar's but not the same height. Something with 1,5-1,6 aspect ratio would be my thought.
  9. Duron

    Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

    Picture 3 is a really great angle with that gull wings! Try to keep this cam and do more renders of that like studio or real ENV. Upload images directly here and use full screen option - best method for this forum.
  10. Duron

    [RHINO] Nissan GT-R (facelift)

    i really like the last render. It looks not like a CG car at first sight. Almost nothing to crit, only the tires are maybe too dirty for a studio and you have AA problems on your chrome shaders = 100 reflectivity plus bright lights. Try using a more blurry AA-filter or just optimize your...
  11. Duron

    Mercedes SLS AMG Brabus

    Well as i said, it's personal taste :) But the calipers are still too thin believe me, i'm working with Mercedes (AMG) CAD data everyday ;)
  12. Duron

    Mercedes SLS AMG Brabus

    Well i really like it :) Overall a good project, and as yourself said, the car has some other issues too but too late to fix, so it's ok. For the wide wheel track, i would suggest to move the wheels a bit back to the center. Keep the outest point of the tyre and fender at same width - this...
  13. Duron

    SMCars Upgrade and Migration To XenForo

    @smootheagle Well at first, the thumbs are too small, right?
  14. Duron

    DA Porsche 991 Turbo S

    @GrandeP By using smoothing groups. You assign a ID to polygons and tell the smooth modifier that he smooth out by ID.
  15. Duron

    Jaguar XF R-S 2013

    I know what your goal is Dave, but may i recommend you something. You need more edgeloops first before you cut out the gaps. Because the curvature of a fender for example will never be that smooth with less edgeloops like in this stage of the model now. Just want to share my experience with you. :)
  16. Duron

    DA Porsche 991 Turbo S

    No please remark always. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes others need to remark as you said. :)
  17. Duron

    Making of McLaren MP4-12C

    Try to improve your surfaces first, instead of rushing and start detailing out early. I've just posted this over the Jaguar project of Dave3D too.
  18. Duron

    SMCars Upgrade and Migration To XenForo

    Great progress so far! Any plans to improve the thumbnail previews? I really like the full screen option but the thumbnail solution isn't that great to me.
  19. Duron

    How many do lead the site?

  20. Duron

    DA Porsche 991 Turbo S

    Ok, as expected. It's because the crease has no chamfer. It's the same technique as the M6 so no worries :D This is my strategy.. i never start with filltes/details too early as many do. For me the surface is much more important as first step than the fillets/details. People create surfaces...