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  1. vanden_plas

    Plymouth Volare 2-ddor coupe (1977)

    Plymouth Volare 2-door coupe (1977) One more user-made blueprint, based on my GTA IV model. A 4-door version was posted earlier, here. EDIT: messed up the title, d'oh!
  2. vanden_plas

    ZAZ 965 (1965)

    This thread is a MESS :uhh: Here's another one anyway.
  3. vanden_plas

    ZIL 130 (1962)

    ...and its frame:
  4. vanden_plas

    Ford Crown Victoria (1998)

    The front view looks more like 1995-1997 version FCV, while the side view rather resembles an mid 90-s Mercury Grand Marquis.
  5. vanden_plas

    Jaguar XF (2007)

    Not really cheap, it looks MUCH better in person, the car gives you an impression of a 4-door Aston. It doesn't look any worse than a MB CLS (and it surely beats those fugly Bangle BMWs in terms of design).