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  1. TomiL

    Toyota Corolla 1100 (1969)

    Allready donated
  2. TomiL

    Isuzu Bellel (1965)

    It´s Bellett, not Bellel ;)
  3. TomiL

    Datsun Cherry (1980)

    Haha, great donation. Was popular car in here.
  4. TomiL

    Volkswagen Polo (2009)

    Mini Golf. I wonder why every VW has to look the same.
  5. TomiL

    GAZ AA (1932-1936)

    Gaz and Naz AA (1932) Gaz & Naz AA (1932) Didn´t find these in here. Found from: GAZ-AA trucks ------------------------------- This site has so many blueprints of Soviet army vehicles that you should check it out yourself. Galleries
  6. TomiL

    Seat Exeo (2009)

    VAG = VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat and what else... Same car in different shell.
  7. TomiL

    Toyota Forklift 15-24 ton (2008)

  8. TomiL

    Lada Kalina (2008)

    That´s what Kalina means in Finnish :D
  9. TomiL

    Lada Kalina (2008)

    Do you ques what "Kalina" means in english from finnish? Lol
  10. TomiL

    Fiat Campagnola (1978)

    I hope you dont mind if I attach a chassis drawing too. It´s from a finnish car magazine from the 70s.
  11. TomiL

    Toyota Sport Truck (1976)

    Also known as Toyota Hilux ;)
  12. TomiL

    IFA F9 (1950)

    My grandad had one of those in the past.
  13. TomiL

    Suzuki LJ80 (1980)

    Ops... posted the same prints some time ago ;)
  14. TomiL

    Toyota HiLux (1989)

    It seems that it´s the 2WD version. Rear wheel drive. Great donation!
  15. TomiL

    Mitsubishi Galant (1985)

    Nice donation. I have never seen a rust free or unsmoking Galant in Finland :D haha
  16. TomiL

    Mazda 626 Coupe (1987)

    Mazda 626 Saloon ..I mean the Coupe one. Nice donation.
  17. TomiL

    Nissan Patrol Htp (1985)

    That is just sweet! I love the sound that what straight 6-cylinder diesel engine makes on those cars!! Popular offroad car ;)
  18. TomiL

    Jeep Wrangler (1987)

    MacGyverrrrr! Nice find!
  19. TomiL

    Datsun Cherry (1972)

    Also known as Datsun 100A :D
  20. TomiL

    Ford Capri 1700 GT (1969)

    Just awesome. "To do list"