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  1. Icekid84

    BMW Concept 5er Gran Turismo (2009)

    lol it doent look bad in 2d, but add perspective and real life and its ugly as sin IMO.
  2. Icekid84

    BMW Z4 E85 (2009)

    Great donation, finally a Z series that is sexy again,1st gen z4 FTL, Z3 M coupe was last one I liked, now that has changed, because this thing has great lines and is super sexy.
  3. Icekid84

    De Tomaso Pantera Silhouette (1979)

    Great donation :) nice to see some more of these style prints again :)
  4. Icekid84

    Buick Roadmaster Sedan (1992)

    Oh dont say that, he'll like it even more... if that wasnt possible enough.
  5. Icekid84

    Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 (2008)

    Great addition, thanks for the donation :) Best idea they had was to make a faster Gallardo with looks to match.
  6. Icekid84

    McLaren-BMW F1 GTR Race Car (1997)

    lol and you still got him beat on these useless points too. Anyhow great job MMM, these are really nice, and yes you really have been busy, many props to you :)
  7. Icekid84

    Porsche 944 Turbo (1986)

    Nice donation, good to have some 944 love :D
  8. Icekid84

    Hyundai HCD6 (2001)

    Like he said, you’re a valuable person to the community, ;)
  9. Icekid84

    Büssing Supercargo 22-150 (1965)

    This thing is really sweet looking, I really like the side profile, actually a mean looking truck :)
  10. Icekid84

    Dodge Viper GTS (1999)

    "roll eyes" lol I actually had a place just for his stuff since it was so unique, but it was decided that it was confusing for folks to find what they wanted since a car that started with F (ie) Ford woudl be in his thread and not with the other Ford Cars. True there is search engine, but hey...
  11. Icekid84

    Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 20 (2008)

    Big thanks, got to love the Unimog :)
  12. Icekid84

    McLaren F1

    Yes any car is possible without a top view. For example, I use prints rarely since the cars I like are rare in print form and even then I prefer photos. having a great side and front/rear is very useful. You can look at the side and see how far the front windshield extends and know thats how...
  13. Icekid84

    GMC CCKW 353 (WW II)

    These are always fun to look at, timeless in design IMO good stuff :)
  14. Icekid84

    GMC 4500 Crew Cab with Platform Body

    Ohhh.. these are great. I think that once I put these previews up of whats inside they will be very popular. I know a lot of type of guys who love these type vehicles.
  15. Icekid84

    Pegaso Mofletes (1947)

    Ok try again, it was set to a number for VIP USer group , when registered users have 0 for attachment size limit (ie no limit)
  16. Icekid84

    Pegaso Mofletes (1947)

    whats the problem? I hope me making you a vip didnt do this...
  17. Icekid84


    Can Alex not post attachments anymore?
  18. Icekid84

    Mercury Cougar (1984)

    a very good year ;)
  19. Icekid84


    hmm.. well hopefully all these bugs were having will get ironed out. Sorry guys
  20. Icekid84

    Citroen Mehari (1969)

    Very nice prints/donations, looks like we have another rare cars print collector.