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    White truck (Labatt's Streamliner 1939)

    Labatt's Streamliner 1939 fabricated on the chassis of a contemporary White COE truck. Basically, this 3d-model is based on my previous model of Streamliner 1947, which was made according to the measures taken from the actual restored truck. With the Streamliner 1939, I had to make some guesses...
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    Chevrolet Corvette (1953)

    Corvette 1953
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    Lincoln Zephyr (1937)

    Somehow I'm not sure...if this is A Lincoln or a Ford
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    Pierce-Arrow (1935-37)

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    Auburn / Cord (1931) three models

    Here are three versions of 1931 Auburn. The cars are described in the folowing patents: A.H. Leamy: Des. 84,484 June 23, 1931 (phaeton) A.H. Leamy: Des. 84,529 June 30, 1931 (convertible coupe) A.H. Leamy: Des. 85,532 Nov 10, 1931 (sedan or is it a "brougham?) Also, the patent that...
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    Studebaker trucks 1950 (link) new link added by Moritzamica
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    Ford Chassis (Frame Rail) (1932)

    posted on request from "SSJ3_Vegeta"
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    Mercedes-Benz C111 1969

    This looks like an original blueprint, however top view is missing. Now the top view is added. There's that "edit" button, you know :lol:
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    Duesenberg J Coupe, side (1929)

    1929 Duesenberg J Coupe, on the standard 142.5 inch wheelbase, design by Gordon Buehrig. There's minor perspective on that image.
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    Duesenberg SJN roadster, side and top (1935)

    Late Duesenberg SJ with an interesting coachwork, side view. I don't have more information. I' have a couple photos of the real car, so I'm sure it does exist. I also found a blueprint of the replica SSJ Duesenberg (4 views). It's probably an accurate print of the replica, but the replica is...
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    Cadillac (1957)

    Cadillac 1957. Rather big files. Both pictures are in the same scale (pixels/wb). The side view from the original sales brochure has wrong proportions to make the car look longer and lower, so don't use it directly for modelling!
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    Chevrolet Corvette 1968

    I made this picture following a *small* discussion we had recently on the fifth generation (1968-82) Corvette design. It's a combination of images taken from a number of sources scaled to fit the dimensions. The top view is not especialy nice, but fits well with the general concept, so decided...
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    Tatra T 603

    Here are some more of these. :wink:
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    Tatra T 77 and T 77a

    Here are two weird things. I have complete specs, if someone's interested
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    Peugeot 402 N4X 1936/37

    Here are top and side views combined from different sources. They fit together quite well.