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    White truck (Labatt's Streamliner 1939)

    Labatt's Streamliner 1939 fabricated on the chassis of a contemporary White COE truck. Basically, this 3d-model is based on my previous model of Streamliner 1947, which was made according to the measures taken from the actual restored truck. With the Streamliner 1939, I had to make some guesses...
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    Chevrolet Corvette (1953)

    Corvette 1953
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    Renault Clio (1992)

    I used to have one like this.
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    Chrysler Norseman (1958)

    It's a great model but also a very interesting car. Is this a kind of prototype?
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    Ford Thunderbird (1978)

    I think it was a brilliant idea to post those here. Many thanks! I also have some old scale models. I might scan and post them as well.
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    Packard 110 Touring Sedan (1941)

    Thanks a lot! I've been looking for this for a long time!
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    Ford F600 Tankautospuit (engine)(photo of drawing)

    martijntjuh, thank you for posting the image. Really a great donation from my point of view. And thanks to scooter for correcting the print. I think you have done it correctly, I usually apply the same principles to get the wheels round and the same diameter. As for the dimensions, the wheelbase...
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    ZAZ Bagira (2007)

    This is something that is based on an old ZAZ from 60-70's. Which was a FIAT rip off.
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    Magirus SLF 24-12 (1964)

    Very nice donation! Thanks for posting!
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    Jaguar XF (2007)

    Thanks for posting! Just a comment: it looks like anything but not a Jaguar.
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    Skoda 706 RO (1947 - 1958)

    Thanks for posting! Just wondering how comes the first bus has such a huge overhang...
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    White 9000 (1969)

    Excellent! Thanks for posting!
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    ZIS 101 (1936)

    I completely agree with this statement. At some point I was considering to model 1940's Packard. The result of my preliminary research was that the ZIS plan drawings (i.e. available in SMCars collection) are unusable for the purpose.
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    ZIS 101 (1936)

    To my opinion it means that it's not an exact copy. ;)
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    ZIS 101 (1936)

    The post-wwII version of ZIS was in fact heavily "inspired" by Packard. But this pre-wwII version was "inspired" by Buick as far as remember...
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    Studebaker Golden Hawk (1957)

    Nice find. Thanks!
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    Jaray buses (1935/1936)

    Thanks for posting! Weird!
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    Autocar series 70 heavy-duty engine under seat truck

    Thanks for posting! I was just considering modelling it and was looking for blueprints!
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    Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow ( 1933 )

    I was wrong about the wheelbase it was 139 inches. Here's some data for your project: Wheelbase: 3530 mm (139 in) Front track: 1500 mm (59 in) Rear track 1560 mm (61.5 in) Wheels and tyres: 7.50 x 17 in. Attached is also a possibly useful sideview. Good luck with drawing!
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    Ghia L6-4 (1962)

    I've done some reserach of my own and have to agree with you. The correct name of the car is Ghia L6.4. My sources 8) claim total production of 23 units with a starting price tag of $15000 in 60's money. Technically, in fact, it was a second generation Dual-Ghia, and like the first generation...