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  1. discocandy

    Mercedes-Benz Vito L1H1 (2005)

    I am just lazy on the CAPS!!!! :twisted:
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    Mercedes-Benz Vito L1H1 (2005)

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    DAF 95XF Super Space Cab

    this is from a commercial cd. ccvision...
  5. discocandy

    GAZ AA (1933)

    maybe one is already here??
  6. discocandy

    Ford Boss 351

    oh yes!!! my oldtime favo!!! usa car!!! Dam i drove one once.. that was some untamed brute power!!!!
  7. discocandy

    Mercedes-Benz 190e 5

    another mercedes_190e
  8. discocandy

    Ferrari 365 GTS/4

    i always love ferrari!!! thnx!
  9. discocandy

    Jaguar Pirana Bertone

    superb find!! thnx for this donation
  10. discocandy

    Peugeot 405T Paris 89 Winner

    wehhooo!! you are the blueprint king of this month!! great find!!!
  11. discocandy

    Audi S4 Saloon Cabrio, Avant (2000)

    Audi S4 Saloon Cabrio, Avant Blueprints you mean the cabrio right?? there are only 2 pictures online... I want to get all S4 prints in one thread.
  12. discocandy

    Audi S4 Saloon Cabrio, Avant (2000)

    Audi S4 Saloon Cabrio, Avant Blueprints adding th s4 cabrio and avant
  13. discocandy

    Ferrari F2001

    Ferrari F2001
  14. discocandy

    Pontiac GTO (1966) 389 Tri-Power

    Pontiac GTO 389 Tri-Power (1966) to big.. does dot show.
  15. discocandy

    Citroen Visa Club (1979)

    Citroën Visa Club 1979 aaargh.. i alway found this car so damm ugly.. :evil: nice print tho.. :lol:
  16. discocandy

    Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R

    Nissan Silvia (S15) Spec-R
  17. discocandy

    Dodge Tomahawk

    found it at the patet office under the chrysler brand??? looks very special :twisted:
  18. discocandy

    Ford Focus RS

    haha just as yesterday.. i'm not behind that computer.. these images are original in eps or ai format. but i can't post those because of licence troubles. :cry: .. well i an not allowed to post these ones aswell..... :twisted: but the program i import it in only exports to jpg. most of...
  19. discocandy

    Ford Focus RS

    rs focus Print replaced NightEye
  20. discocandy

    Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM (2001)

    merc dtm 2001