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  1. Steve Dussemberg

    Concept Hotrod Collaberation with Scott Robertson

    I love it the modern twist on an old classic. Great job buddy!
  2. Steve Dussemberg

    Nash Ambassador (1950)

    Good job!
  3. Steve Dussemberg

    Chevrolet Sedan Delivery (1952)

    Hi there. These are the blueprints I used to build my model. Hope it can be helpful.
  4. Steve Dussemberg

    Ford F-100 Pickup Truck (1956)

    Hi, these are the blueprints I used to build my model. I’m not very good in transforming photographs in blueprints, hopefully some member here can do a better job with it and provide us with better images, anyway I wish this can help any somehow.
  5. Steve Dussemberg

    Chevrolet Impala (1963)

    Great treasure hunting, love it.
  6. Steve Dussemberg

    Ford Model A (1927-1931)

    Great job finding these blueprints, very valuable information. Thanks.