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  1. tom120934

    Renault Laguna Concept (1990)

    Many many thanks for this one, I'm really a lover of this concept !
  2. tom120934

    Kamaz - a newer model

    Welcome to SMC, mrcreo, I hope you'll enjoy your stay here. Sorry but it's a english-only board, so please stick to english even if it's not your mother tongue (it's not mine too) I know this thread started in russian (?) but it should have not :)
  3. tom120934

    Honda NSX Mugen- Huge - 56k Warning

    Please don't dig up old topics.
  4. tom120934

    KIM 10-50 (1941)

    Thanks, nice detailed stuff here.
  5. tom120934

    Fiat 500

    And the figures remain funny, by today's standards ;)
  6. tom120934

    Chevrolet Corvette (1961)

    That's a very kind donation for a first post. Thanks ! I can't critic your print about accuracy, but it looks like a good job.
  7. tom120934

    Lotus Elan Sprint (1972)

    Great car, great print, many thanks !!!
  8. tom120934

    Citroen C5 Sedan (2008)

    I know, I'm already using it ;) Thanks anyway.
  9. tom120934

    Citroen C5 Sedan (2008)

    Thanks ! What about the wagon (aka Tourer) ?
  10. tom120934

    McLaren F1

    Hello rahulrab, welcome to SMC I hope you'll enjoy your stay here. We have a rule about not digging up old topics. Please check the date for future post. To solve your problem, please PM the author directly, he's still active here.
  11. tom120934

    Renault Clio Grandtour (2007)

    He posted both in spanish and english. I don't speak spanish, but as it's looking really close to french, it's easier to say he just say the same thing twice.
  12. tom120934

    Seat Ibiza Sport Coupe (2009)

    Impressive print, really top quality. It's even usable for rim and interior. Great donation, many thanks for it !
  13. tom120934

    Dodge Charger Daytona R/T (2006)

    Nice one, mmm. Thanks !
  14. tom120934

    Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 (2008)

    Thanks for the donation. Great prints, even if I prefer the original Gallardo.
  15. tom120934

    Volvo 740 (1992)

    He was glad, but now maybe he's dead from too close exposure :grin:
  16. tom120934

    Pontiac G5 (2007)

    Hi tommygreen_2, welcome to SMC, I hope you'll enjoy your stay. We have a rule here about not digging up old topics. Please PM Moritzamica directly for your question, he'll answer as he's still active around there. Thanks !
  17. tom120934

    Porsche Boxster Patent Drawings (2000)

    Don't worry, peterliang. There is no problem IMHO to thank for a blueprint donation, where bumping old thread for asking a question is an issue.
  18. tom120934

    Audi Q7 (2008)

    Welcome oOsergejOo to SMC, I hope you'll enjoy your stay here. This board is mainly english driven. Some people read german, but most don't (just like me) It would be nice if you could post your question in english. Thanks in advance. Edit : and by the way, welcome polyvore. You can find Q7...
  19. tom120934

    Citroen C5 Sedan (2008)

    Excellent donation, for this better-than-average-french-car. Of course it looks a bit like a BMW, but at least it looks good. Thanks !
  20. tom120934

    McLaren-BMW F1 GTR Race Car (1997)

    Nice donation, many thanks for this one ! Btw, you're really in a donation frenzy. Too bad for you, points doesn't count in for anything ;)