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    Mack RD

    Just side and back view
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    NSU RO 80

    Nsu ro-80 great prints of a great car thnx
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    Chevrolet Suburban (1990)

    wow, nice print
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    Mack H-61 (1953)

    some very nice stuff you have here thnx for the donation
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    Barkas B 1000

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    Saab 9000 Turbo 16 (1986)

    1986 SAAB 9000 Turbo 16 - Combi Coupe nice one thank's
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    Iveco Turbodaily

    Iveco Turbodaily
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    Chevrolet Chevelle (side only) (1969)

    69 Chevy Chevelle (side only) //Picture re-uploaded //GaS
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    Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

    Chevy Chevelle Malibu //Picture re-uploaded //GaS
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    Mercedes-Benz W114 Limousine + Coupe

    wow best /8 prints ever seen
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    Suzuki Carry Truck

    Let´'s make it a bigger van :D
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    Cadillac Fleetwood (1933)

    1933 Cadillac Fleetwood 16 Cyl All Weather Phaeton
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    Alfa Romeo Alfasud (1973)

    Alfa Romeo Alfasud and another car i was browsing the net for but couldn't find any reasonable prints many thanks
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    Fiat Ritmo

    back online :D those prints are absolutely great many thanks
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    Fiat Ritmo

    Thank's Piotr Sadly I am not on my computer because my internet conneciton broken down, and this one hasn't got winzip installed, so i can't watch those prints :cry: but i will enjoy them when mine is back in action
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    Opel Kadett / Rekord Caravan (1986)

    1986 Opel Kadett + Rekord Caravan was just kidding, my dad also had a manta B :wink: (that's why i could post prints of that one) i know what you mean: they started building cars for their usual clients: men older than 75, not taking their hats off while driving :)
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    Fiat Ritmo (1979)

    1979 Fiat Ritmo you are my man :D :D :D :D i was searching for that print for quite a long time thanks dude
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    Citroen DS

    That one is the DS 19 the one you meant, is the DS 21, that's why it's different :wink:
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    Jaguar Mark 2 (1959)

    Jaguar Mk II bad thnig, if a weak spot of a car is the point where the car-jack shall be placed :lol: what does that say about the quality of british cars :roll:
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    Rover 2600 SD1 (1979)

    1979 Rover 2600 SD1 WOW, nice print of a real classic :lol: