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  1. ludwig770

    Truck guards

    Dunno where this should have been posted but Ill leave it here: I'm going to create the using loft...
  2. ludwig770

    Mitsubishi Magna VR-X (2002)

    I found this cut out. Ill fix in in sketchbook pro when I have a minute...
  3. ludwig770

    Holden HQ (1972)

    This is a rescaled all-in-one blueprint of the HQ. It should now match up as good as it's gunna get....
  4. ludwig770

    Holden HQ (1972)

  5. ludwig770

    Australian trucks

    This is the final piece I did for a mate. Took too long to do, though I got it printed at 350mm x 1360mm and it looks awesome on semi gloss paper.
  6. ludwig770


    OK guys, so this morning I saw that erdk had posted some blueys of a Volvo prototype which I thought looked a fair bit like this, so I have begun a new model.....
  7. ludwig770

    '72 GB Galant

    Love the new format of the site! This is a WiP of the first car I ever owned. I'd like to think that I have taught myself a few things since my last posts. (looking back they really were awful, and Prykie must have some patience explaining all the things I did wrong) My goal is do everything -...