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  1. tiberius

    Cadillac STS Design Study 2010

    This drawing was started in 2010 along with the other Cadillac concepts- finally completed September 2013 after 3 years. I guess you could say I took a long break in between. it started as a modification to a 1997 Seville STS with design queues from later CTS models. I hope you like it.
  2. tiberius

    Chevrolet Camaro RS (1971)

    here is the Endura Nose version for the Camaro.
  3. tiberius

    Chevrolet Beretta (1988)

    another side only until I can find some time to finish the front and back view.
  4. tiberius

    Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 (1988)

    Here is part of my 3 view drawing for the 1988 Cavalier Z24 front and back to come sometime soon.
  5. tiberius

    Imperial (1961)

    here are some side view images I found on the web for the Lebaron sedan, the Southampton Sedan,coupe and convertible.
  6. tiberius

    Desoto Firedome Sedan (1956)

    here is the standard sedan in the FireDome series.
  7. tiberius

    DeSoto Fireflite Sportsman 4 door hardtop (1959)

    this is the four door Desoto for 1959. there were also 4door sedans and a shorter wheelbase Firesweep that had the same characteristics of Dodge and Plymouth Models.
  8. tiberius

    Desoto Adventurer (1959)

    This is the last year for body on frame Desotos as 1960 would bring unit body construction. I believe I saw a request for this car from Grungyharry some time back. I will post sedans for desoto later. I hope this will be useful. by this time Chrysler had gone from Hemi to wedge head V8's due to...
  9. tiberius

    Desoto Adventurer (1958)

    The 58 Adventurer was changed slightly from 57, the front was different as was the positioning of the color sweep on the side of the car. one ref. picture is a Fireflight model.
  10. tiberius

    Desoto Adventurer (1957)

    the top of the line Desoto for 1957. the Gold and White car reference photos are an Adventurer, the others are Fireflites.
  11. tiberius

    Desoto Fireflyte Sportsman (1955)

    in 1955 chrysler the chrysler line was completely restyled. so Desoto and Dodge and plymouth also had new styling. this car was similar to the new yorker in shape. desotos still had the toothy grin it had carried from the 49's. wheel base was 126 inches for both hardtops and sedans. I have...