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  1. tiberius

    Cadillac STS Design Study 2010

    This drawing was started in 2010 along with the other Cadillac concepts- finally completed September 2013 after 3 years. I guess you could say I took a long break in between. it started as a modification to a 1997 Seville STS with design queues from later CTS models. I hope you like it.
  2. tiberius

    Ford Falcon GTHO (1971)

    Nice! I may try to do some images of my Lime Glaze RPO 83 XA Falcon sedan which can be helpful for someone :)
  3. tiberius

    Toyota Crown Station (1967)

    Nice to see classic Crown up here :)
  4. tiberius

    Chrysler Norseman (1958)

    Nice to see the Model blueprints of the Norseman- yes the show car sank on Andrea Doria.... :( 1956- but later cars have styling from this. Carrozzeria Ghia even built a fullscale wooden mock up.
  5. tiberius

    Buick Roadmaster Sedan (1992)

    Nice Roadmaster! love these shots you do of the cars. you did say you use photoshop to piece then together right? I was driving behind one of these just the other day......don't see them to frequently anymore.
  6. tiberius

    Buick Regal Nascar (1981)

    The reason for making Buick Regal one of my Favorite cars of the 80's.........
  7. tiberius

    Chevrolet Monte Carlo Pepsi Challenger (1983)

    Nice to see the old stock cars. useful for those doing models of racers.
  8. tiberius

    Ford Crown Victoria (2004)

    The side image is 98 Mercury Grand Marquis where the other thread is a earlier Mercury for 92 to 97. Ford adapted the Mercury body for crown victoria for 98 to simplify and cut cost . front is more 98 to 08 crown victoria. the images are slightly different from the other thread.
  9. tiberius

    Ford Crown Victoria (1998)

    You are correct. the side is Mercury and front is the older Ford :)
  10. tiberius

    Ford Six (1954)

    Thats a nice contribution, sure to be helpful. :)
  11. tiberius

    Morris Monaco Mk II (1969)

    A great place for sure, good resource for restoring or modelling cars. I have seen your scans and I thank you for your contributions there. I have done some for the old car manuals project, but due to a dead scanner will have to hold any projects of scanning brochures and even my drawings.... :(
  12. tiberius

    Cadillac CTS (2008)

    Nice contribution yet again! I will be getting the brochure for this one to go with my others.
  13. tiberius

    White Model WA 122 (1947)

    Wow! now that's really something! a good one for a possible model! a rolling piece of art, love the shape of this truck!
  14. tiberius

    Oldsmobile Wagon (1940)

    nice! you usually see ford or chevy woodies mostly, this is great to see!
  15. tiberius

    Toyota HiLux (1989)

    I recall someone requestng a Hilux at one point, good to see one here, sure to be useful for the street scenes...
  16. tiberius

    Renault Clio Classic (2007)

    also sold in the U.S. as the Nissan Versa sedan
  17. tiberius

    Nissan Maxima SE (2001)

    another nice contribution,I'm sure those out there who want the Maxima will appreciate this one.
  18. tiberius

    Packard Concept (1958)

    Yes, the Packard Predictor show car, photos can be found for this on the web, great donation!
  19. tiberius

    Chrysler Voyager (1992)

    Great! usually the best places to find these type of images...
  20. tiberius

    Ford Torino (1970)

    another nice post!