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    Nissan Quest (2004)

    Nissan Quest (2004)
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    Toyota Previa

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    Chrysler Crossfire (2004)

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    Honda Accord Wagon (1990)

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    Dodge Caravan (1984)

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    Audi Quattro (1981)

    oops, sorry I didn't know they were transparent.
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    Acura RL/Honda Legend (2005)

    From the Honda Japan site.
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    Mitsubishi EVO III

    I've had these for a while. I have EVO II and I prints too, but those cars are really similar to this one. Link added NightEye
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    Honda Prelude (1984)

    A second gen. 'Lude for ya all.
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    Acura Integra Sedan (1992)

    Still haven't found the Hatchback, thats why there's a big space at the bottom...
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    Acura Integra (1988)

    A first gen Integra
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    Honda Prelude (1989)

    3rd gen 'lude...