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    Bristol 401

    I promised Alex Haba I'd look for these. It took me a (long) while to find them....
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    Nash_Austin Metropolitan (1956)

    A small 50s car that British Motor Corp. (Austin, Morris, Wolseley, Riley) built for Nash Kelvinator. Nobody was killed in stampedes to buy them, so they were sold in other markets than the States as Metropolitans, but became generally known as Austins.
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    McLaren F1

    yeah, yeah, I know, there're already lotsa Big Macs here already. This is a scan of a small reproduction of the drawing McLaren handed out with the press kit when they released it. The oval wheels tell you that the paper has swelled from moisture....It does give you an idea of the body profiles...
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    Porsche 908/3

    response to request
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    Ferrari F1 1966

    1966 is somewhere around when the rules for F1 changed from 1.5L cars to 3.0L, so I don't actually know which engine size this car had!
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    Lotus 88 - Too clever

    Chaparral did it first - mounting wings directly to the uprights so that the downforce was directly onto the tyres and the chassis could be sprung and damped normally. When these wings got into F1, mounted on high struts, some nasty accidents occurred when the struts were damaged or just broke...
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    Porsche 935/78 Moby Dick

    From a factory drawing, but the print I have is very small so had to scan at very high res. Not bad, enough to work with. Scrap view shows the fairing over half the door that the car was eventually allowed to race with, the CSI nixed the full door cover that the factory proposed first: the rules...
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    Porsche 936/78

    Le Mans winner '78, 80, 81
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    Mercedes-Benz 300SLR

    Moss/Jenkinson '55 Mille Miglia winner
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    Bolwell Ikara

    This is one you probably won't see anywhere else. Bolwell built nine or 10 series of road and track cars in Australia from the '60s, this was their last. They built about a dozen of these in '80, '81 and then sold the production equipment to someone in Greece. It's a kit car designed to be...
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    Porsche 911RS 1973

    Targa Florio winner
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    Lola T260 CanAm

    Jackie Stewart's CanAm ride
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    Lancia LC2/83

    Ferrari-engined Lancia Group C car which was the strongest competition to the Porsche 956 in early Group C championships
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    Lola T600

    This is the Lola raced in the IMSA and FIA Group C series in '81/'82 by Brian Redman and others