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    Dodge Magnum (2005)

    not the best quality, but all i have.
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    Cadillac CTS (2003)

    I don't remember who sent me this, majestic i think? not sure, but here they are.
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    Duesenberg SJ Weymann Speedster 1933

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    Ford Mustang Front Bumper

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    Ford Mustang Saleen Rear Decklid Wing

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    Ford Mustang Saleen Bodykit

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    Ford Explorer Saleen Back Bumper

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    Chrysler Bumper

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    Mystery Car

    ... (EDIT )well after debating I dont think that is even a lotus butyI see how you could think that one reason that lotus was more detailed, and also the tailights dont look anything alife, heeh but thanks anyhow KV12(EDIT)
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    Chevrolet Four-Rotor concept (1973)

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    Oldsmobile AREOTECH

    I remember this car but I'm not totally sure of the name i know the brand is Oldsmobile hehe but anyhow I'm sure if its wrong the info will be given. (EDIT) Thanks Samman, name updated (EDIT)
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    Ford Skyliner (1954)

    ... Well I got the year and name now hehe just need the name of car.
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    Ferrari 550 Maranello

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    Mercedes-Benz 560 SL Roadster Custom

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    Honda S2000 Veilsiderear bumper

    Thanks to SSJ3_Vegeta for enlightening us with the correct name for this part. :)
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    Toyota JZA80 Supra VeilSide 1999 Anniversary Fortune Model

    Toyota JZA80 Supra VeilSide 1999 Anniversary Fortune Model
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    Porsche GT1

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    Pontiac Fiero Concept

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    Infiniti J30 (1995)

    Infiniti (J30) (1995)
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    Mercedes-Benz M-Class

    Zip file for eXtreme pics!