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    Ford Mondeo (2003)

    It looks like it's from a .pdf? In the original manual online?
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    Citroen C5 Sedan (2008)

    Thank you.
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    Citroen C5 Sedan (2008)

    Moritzamica, where can I find the entire .pdf brochure?
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    Lincoln Zephyr (2006)

    Wow? Looks like they're from a .pdf brochure? Where did you find it?
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    Holden Ute (2007)

    Wow! Where did you find it?
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    Mercury Mystique (1998)

    A very interesting find. Dimension drawings are uncommon in owner's manuals for American cars.
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    Chevrolet Corvette (2000)

    GM's media site used to have .pdf brochures with this type of line drawing for every Chevrolet product between 1998 and 2001. I don't think the acrobat files are online anymore? Or are they?
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    Toyota RAV4 (2007)

    This is the short European/Japanese version.
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    Chrysler Voyager (1992)

    Not in Germany or the rest of Europe, and this is apparently from a German brochure. A bit of trivia: Tony Blair once owned a Chrysler Voyager minivan.