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    Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept (2012)

    top view only>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    Shakotanboogie cars blueprints

    Hello! Please, can you make separate threads for each car next time. It would be much more easier to organize the data
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    Chevrolet Silverado (1999)

    That's a good present for 3d-modelling maniacs=)
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    Dodge Diplomat (1986)

    Not sure if it's a good idea to use a scale model as a reference. They already have some deviations from the original.
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    Daimler-Benz LPS 1418/37 (1962)

    Yes, you're right. But the company name and car name is not the same. For example, for the time when the company's name was Daimler-Chrysler their cars were still branded as Mercedeses
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    Daimler-Benz LPS 1418/37 (1962)

    I think Mercedes-Benz would be more correct name
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    FSO Warszawa M-20 (1951)

    thanks, hanjing! brilliant donation
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    ZAZ 965 (1965)

    thanks. very clean one
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    Chrysler Full Line (1971)

    thanks you could divide them into separate topics so that people would be able to find what they need with search tool. I know it takes time=)
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    Alfa Romeo 33 Series 3 (1989)

    Alfa Romeo 33 S Permanent 4 (1991)
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    Tatra T 602 (1949)

    in a higher res
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    Skoda 706RT (1957)

    with dimensions
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    Sisu M-Series (1987)

    Sisu M-162 CZT (1978?) ===========================>
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    Renault Laguna Concept (1990)

    Maybe they have no problems with the eyes but looks like they have serious problems with the legs
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    GAZ M-1 (1935)

    another one
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    MAZ 200 (1947)

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    ZIL 135L (1960)

    ZIL 135LM 9P113 (1964) ZIL 135LM / BAZ 135LM
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    GAZ Sobol

    GAZ 2217 Sobol, GAZ 22171 Sobol, GAZ 2310 Sobol
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    GAZ Gazelle

    GAZ 2705 Gazelle (1995) 1995-2002..................
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    GAZ Gazelle

    GAZ 33023 Gazelle (1996) 1996-2002.............