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    Honda NSX Mobil 1 JGTC

    well i bought the model of this about 4 months ago and kept the blues a secret for a long time but i scanned it twice one for Zmod use and 3d max and other program uses remember Tamiya Fucked up on there Print or cutting because the Blueprint was Slanting to the left so i scanned it the way they...
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    Lotus Esprit ES (Old model)

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    Tatra T 12 Targa Florio (1925)

    this is a 1952 Tatra targa Florio Race car
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    Alfa Romeo P3 (1932)

    does need straightining unfourtanaly
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    Mitsubishi Eclipse 1995-1997

    im looking for these blueprint's sergie is to stubborn to send them to me so i was just hopeing someone still gots those blueprints ahh shit! plz forget this ever happend i accidently post it here which was kinda stupid but hey im in a hurry because i gotta go somewhere in a few so but...
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    Peugeot 205 Turbo