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    Cyclops II

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    Ferrari T3 Rear suspension layout.

    Sketch of rear-suspension...Ferrari T3.
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    Lancia Ferrari (1956)

    V8 engine 250 hp at 8000 rpm.
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    Aston Martin DBR1 300 (1959)

    From 1957 I beleieve.
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    Delage LM 1939

    Same goes for this...the one who sent it to me...feel credited. Best: Staffan.
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    Delage D8 SS Heller Plans a bit of a mess on my PC. So therefore I am not sure who sent me these prints... the credit goes to him. (a bit stressed) Best: Staffan. Pic replaced NightEye
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    Alfa Romeo Spider (1966-70)

    Have not seen it here before. EDIT: Name fixed. Thnx Sven :wink: NightEye