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    Chevrolet Vega (1976)

    A couple of additional line drawings:
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    Porsche 944 (1983)

    This is 924 Carrera GT, I think. It's got 924 turbo vents at the bonnet leading edge and the rear wheelarch blisters are add-ons, wheels are 924 Carrera too. 944 has rear wheelarch blisters smoothly blended into the body pressing and no vents. It's missing a bonnet scoop for 924 Carrera, though.
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    KTM Okay (1983)

    I wonder if the price was OK too, cos that's the only reason I'd buy something with that name....
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    Ford Cortina (1970)

    Thanks again. I'm just wallowing in nostalgia with these old Cortinas!
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    Ford Cortina de Luxe (1967)

    Thanks! Super addition!
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    Matra Murena (1980-1983)

    It's tranverse rear/mid engine, so the hatch gives access to a parcel shelf over the engine, not like a conventional front-engine hatch. It was the successor to Matra-Simca Bagheera, same layout but a bigger engine and sharper 80's wedge styling. The three-abreast seating's practical, but I...
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    Holden HQ (1972)

    That's a rework of a line drawing I did twenty-something years ago. I'm chuffed it's still kicking around. I had a real one 3D scanned about 5 years after that with a coordinate measuring arm, done by a Sydney company called New Dawn scanning, don't think it exists anymore, and we've got to a...
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    Messerschmitt Tg 500 (1958-1961)

    This is a four-wheeler, Tg500, built by FMR after they took over KR200 three-wheeler from Messerschmitt. Technically, not a Messerschmitt at all.
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    Toyota Corolla 1100 (1969)

    One of these won a race on a little track in New Zealand that doesn't exist anymore, in a town called Levin. It was the first international race that Toyota won outside of Japan, and there's been a Levin model in Toyota's Corolla lineup from the next model onwards.
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    Fiat Moretti 124 Special Coupe (1970)

    Nice. Looks like a smaller Fiat Dino spider with a coupe greenhouse. The S2 looks like a Ferrari Dino front end spliced onto a Fiat Dino spider with a coupe greenhouse!
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    Renault Laguna Concept (1990)

    Derivative of the mid '80s GM concepts like the Corvette Indy, Pontiac Banshee and Buick Wildcat.
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    Pontiac G8 (2009)

    My hat's off to you! I thought that GM'd have this out there somewhere because of all the other models they've done it with, but I couldn't find it anywhere! How'd you do it?
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    Mitsubishi Galant (1985)

    And the Australian ones with 2.6l four have distinctive sounds. One sound is made by the thrashing worn out chains of the balance shaft, and the other is a chuffle made by leaking cast iron exhaust manifolds. They have aluminium heads that expand so much more than the manifold that the...
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    Buick Roadmaster Sedan (1992)

    BTW, that Roadmaster's such a middle-aged-guy type of car. It's even got a receding vinyl roof line.
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    Buick Roadmaster Sedan (1992)

    There might come a time when it IS possible to take pix without perspective. To be published in "Science" and "Nature" journals this week (why do they call weekly magazines journals?), a research project at University of California proved that conceptually, light can be bent around 3D objects...