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  • I don't use windows live a lot because it always seems to crash my computer. I use yahoo messenger more now, but it can add windows live accounts as well so yeah I can still be online hehe :)
    Sounds interesting. I would like to join then, although don't expect me to update a lot because I'm slow as hell haha :)
    Well I'm still building cars on and off, though I only managed to finish one car recently (the one in my avatar)
    Gom is Having Som Problems, DC is Still up And running If you are Signed up Send me the link to your Profile And ill Move you, And Naw im good i model all my Own rims to HD.
    Dude!! Long time no see hahah Life's kinda okay..gonna go on a hiatus for a while because school's finishing. 3D life's been slow. I rarely have time to model D:
    Ya you were Posting tho's Simple Rims A little Time ago on DC & GOM, And ya im still making Rims and ****
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