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  • ah thats cool:P windows live mssnger never crashes here:P must be the country, messge me your yahoo acc and ill add ya, Greetz
    ah no thats no prob, im learning atm, so i will give you an im in about 2 weeks, and u dont need to update alot, once a week will do, and if you really can't, it's alright, you still come online on msn messenger?? Greetz!
    Yeah i know, you started that one in the time you where in my team, the DGT team
    remember? i want to restart a team and set up a website again.

    it would be cool, you always did great work, do you plan on giving it a go again? i want to setup a team that will hold.
    Greetz John
    Hey dude, havent spoke to you in a while, hows life :P in 3d then :D aha!
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