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    Renault R2087 (1960)

    Google doesn't show any result for Renault MR59 This van was also called Renault 1000 kg Also called Renault 206 E1 (1949-1956) Renault 1 400 Kg (1956-1963) Renault Voltigeur (1...
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    BMW 2-series coupe 2013

    BMW 2-series blueprints
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    BYD S6 (2011)

    Entirely? LOL It is a "copy" of Lexus RX (Toyota Harrier).
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    Skoda Octavia Sedan (2013)

    It is not sedan, it's liftback.
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    Volkswagen Up - 4 Door (2012)

    just in time! yesterday started to convert my 3door Up model to 5door (or 4door as it called) i used 3door version bluerprints wit photo aligned to side blueprint.
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    Toyota HiLux Long Bed Truck (1995)

    Toyota Hilux :)
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    Volkswagen Golf R (2010)

    Astr0s, dissaster asked about scirocco R blueprints about 1 hour ago...and Morizamica created thread with its blueprints 40 minutes ago...)))
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    Porsche Panamera Turbo (2010)

    there is no other views for panamera search this forum..there are good photos (incl. top view)
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    BMW X6 M (2009)

    Moritzamica, could you give a link to those prints on bmw site for example? i couldn't find any prints there (on
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    Kamaz - a newer model

    Êàìñêèé àâòîçàâîä - ÊÀÌÀÇ google....1 minute :)
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    Daihatsu Delta

    blueprint from brochure...2009
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    Daihatsu GranMax

    blueprint from brochure...2009 top view only :(
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    Daihatsu Sirion (2007)

    blueprint from brochure...2009
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    Auto Union AU1500A (1942)

    wow, I thought that they didn't make trucks...