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    Subaru SVX (1993)

    WOW your first post on this forum, and its pretty "weak" please dont post, posts like this, they do nothing, and just makes you look like a jerk.
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    Holden Ute (2007)

    backs to the walls, there is a pom on board :) there also thinking about selling this in the United States of Americaland, as the new El Camino, but not, i dont remember what part of GM is going to rebage it. its ment to be shown at the next car show over there to gauge the response.
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    Chevrolet Camaro (1968)

    i dont really know where to post this one. in the download section or blueprints. but i am compelled to post anything i have that even looks like something that could help ppl becuse of all the great donation from tiberius, Moritzamica and ssexton. basicly this is a spline cage, you cant use...
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    Chevrolet Camaro (1969)

    moved to dead prints, if someone has these prints, please re-upload them thanks Tom
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    Pagani Zonda Roadster S

    Pagani Zonda C12S oo thank u :D :D :D :D :D