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    Ferrari Dino 206 Berlinetta Competizione (1967)

    Now in secure ownership by James Glickenhaus.
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    Porsche 904 Carrera GTS

    Jonathan Thompson 904 You can still do a search for the Jonathan Thompson 904. It´s accurate....I know.´s there. Staff.
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    BMW M5 E60

    WHY???? Why do you allow threads like this??? Caused my computer to crash...and I have a powerful computer. NO...NO...THIS IS A LOWMARK. Staffan. I AM PISSED OFF.
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    Cyclops II

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    Ferrari T3 Rear suspension layout.

    Sketch of rear-suspension...Ferrari T3.
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    Lancia Ferrari (1956)

    V8 engine 250 hp at 8000 rpm.
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    Aston Martin DBR1 300 (1959)

    From 1957 I beleieve.
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    Delage LM 1939

    Pic delivery failure. Motorsport-Klassiker. I dont know why the pic dont show...but I found it at: Regards: Staffan.
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    Delage LM 1939

    technical spec. Sorry Motorsport-Klassiker. I know nothing about this car...did a quick search on the net and came up with this picture though. Regards: Staffan
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    Delage LM 1939

    Same goes for this...the one who sent it to me...feel credited. Best: Staffan.
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    Delage D8 SS Heller Plans a bit of a mess on my PC. So therefore I am not sure who sent me these prints... the credit goes to him. (a bit stressed) Best: Staffan. Pic replaced NightEye
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    Chevrolet Biscane (1958-1961)(updated)

    Posting problems I experianced a posting problem yesterday...the message get through...but not the attachment.
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    Alfa Romeo Spider (1966-70)

    Have not seen it here before. EDIT: Name fixed. Thnx Sven :wink: NightEye