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    Chevrolet (sedan, coupe, pickup, truck) (1937)

    Wow! Great donation
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    Maserati Mistral (1968)

    thanks for that torrent of prints! Is it possible you have the print from a 3200GT coupe (think it's from 1999) :mrgreen:
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    Mercedes-Benz S600 Coupe (end of 90s)

    thank you
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    Mitsubishi Eclipse 1998 GS-T Spline cage Max 6

    Well Shorty, you might wanna try this: When you render the cage from the front, you'll still see the back. To fix that, create a copy of the spline cage, and use the surface modifier to cover up the gaps with polys. just connect spline points to get a gap-less surface. Sometimes you can ignore...
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    Opel Manta 400

    just bumped into it at
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    Toyota Celica

    ok this is how: it's possible to plug your Ipod into your MB and control it with your steering wheel, and I ripped this pic from the demo movie Prolly be useful to someone :p